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Welcome to the towelroot official website, we provide you with the downloading links for towelroot apk latest versions including towelroot v5, towelroot v4 and towelroot v3 apk for free. Follow this towelroot app download blog to get started.

Android rooting apps pose less risk than the traditional rooting techniques which are not only complicated but the riskiest means of rooting a device. Towelroot apk is an android rooting app that even a person who doesn’t have much knowledge about technical stuff can use, this was on of the main reasons behind its creation. Towelroot is one of the smallest rooting tools created today, and rooting an Android device using it is a simple procedure that we will see shortly.

Towelroot apk
Towelroot apk

The amazing part about the towelroot app is that using a PC is not mandatory it is entirely your choice, downloads have been provided for both PC and Android but it’s way better to root your phone using towelroot apk as it gets done a lot sooner. And there are quite a few Android devices that towelroot app supports so if you have already tried some of the rooting apps this might just be the app that will help you in rooting your Android device.

When should you root your Android device using the towelroot app?

It’s true that there are a lot of benefits of rooting a device which we will definitely go through but before that, let me warn you to the challenges and risks that come with rooting an Android phone.

  1. if you go through with rooting a device no matter which method you use, you can use one of the best rooting apps or a complicated rooting technique it will void the warranty of your new phone. Many of the developers today have made sure to take preventive measures for such cases so even if somehow you do happen to unroot your device it will still end up voiding your device’s warranty and if something does happen to your phone you will have to pay for it from your own pocket.
  2. You won’t be able to apply updates to your device, as the new updates are developed based upon the original software that makes your phone works and when you root android you make changes to that software no matter how minute, the pieces of puzzle don’t fit anymore and therefore the updates are not applicable and they might not work even if you unroot your device.
  3. The worst part about rooting is that it might turn your phone into a brick as in it will be as functional as a brick. if you mess up the rooting process you might damage your phone is an irreparable way this is termed as bricking where a rooting of the phone is concerned and is one of the main reasons rooting is considered such a risky process.
  4. It poses security risks as any app could get root access when you root your phone, so it’s better to get a management app along with it.


Features of Towelroot Apk,

Now that you are aware of what you face when you root your device lets see the features that Towelroot app exhibits:

  1. Easy to use: we will go through the step of installation of Towelroot app for your android device but just know that it is on of the simplest rooting app ever.
  2. Free: Towelroot apk is a free app and you don’t have to pay a dime to download it, just go to the official site and get it from there.
  3. Downloading root access apps: There are some apps that require root access and only then are downloaded to your device, once you have rooted your device with Towelroot you can download those apps as well.
  4. Updates: Android updates take a long time reaching the respective devices, rooting your device gives you the benefit of having these updates for your phone way before they are released in the market.
  5. No bricking: One of the main reasons to avoid rooting a device was bricking, towelroot has an exploit that will reboot your device in case the rooting process doesn’t work out for you.
  6. Battery life: You can enhance your battery life as well as the performance of your device by getting apps that have been specifically designed for that purpose and were not available for your device prior to rooting it


Before you begin the installation or rooting process please make sure that your Android version is KitKat i.e 4.4 or any of the latest ones. And that it doesn’t work for Motorola and HTC devices. otherwise, you can use it to root most of the Android devices.


Download & Install Towelroot apk on Android – Towelroot v3, v4 & v5


Step 1.  Before you begin the installation process go to the setting and enable unknown resources otherwise towelroot apk won’t be installed on your device.

Step 2. Download Towelroot apk from the official website, make sure you get the latest version.

Step 3. After the download is completed you can install it on your device by tapping the downloaded file.

Step 4.  Once the installation process is complete launch the Towelroot application and if you want to know how to root using it just follow the following step

Step 5. Now all that is left is to Click on “Make it ra1n” and your device will be rooted.

After you have got what you needed with rooting your device at any time you want to unroot your device you might want to get super SU it will help you unroot your device. And towelroot apk is one of the few apps which will keep your rooting a secret from the developers.

Apps similar to towelroot apk

Framaroot – It is one of the best one-click rooting app which is much similar to towelroot apk, download framaroot apk from the official website to root your Android phone.

Z4root – One more one-click rooting apps like the towelroot app to root your device, support many smartphones for rooting, you should give a shot.

KingoRoot – One more great one clicking the app, supports huge list of mobiles.


Wrap up,

Rooting is not that big of a deal and is a much secure process now, and if you want to have some additional and interesting features on your phone go for it. There are plenty of one-click rooting apps out there if towelroot apk doesn’t work out for you so you do have a lot of options, you can get rid of the ads as well as the pre-installed application that the manufacturers won’t allow you to get rid of, all of these things are possible once you root your device using any software or app, say towelroot apk.

Hope you found something helpful with the towelroot app for Android, if yes let us know via comment section below.